Is Mobile Gambling Worth your time and effort? Part 2

Mobile gambling

Is Mobile Gambling Worth your time and effort? Part 2

Mobile gambling is overtaking the World Wide Web and is now a hugely popular pastime. In fact millions of people are actually playing this game from their computers, smart phones or mobile phones. Mobile gambling could be played from anywhere in the world and is ideal for individuals who don’t want to travel but nonetheless enjoy being in control of their gambling entertainment. So how do you interact?

The initial part of the “mobile gambling revolution” handles the fact that it is easier and much more convenient to take part in mobile gambling than traditional gambling. For example: the usage of your smart phone or any other portable device allows gamblers to put bets on sports events, races and lottery games wherever they might be. The internet also enables online gamblers to make their moves across various countries and monitor the performance of live events. These benefits imply that gamblers no longer need to leave the safety and security of their homes to take part in their favourite type of gambling. However, there are some disadvantages too:

One problem that is noted with mobile gambling is the effect it is wearing people’s personal attitudes towards gambling. Many people worry that with the prevalence of cellphone use, there exists a lack of social contact, especially among younger generations. In addition, there is also evidence of changes in the way that people think about money and what it means to us, and this may be changing our views on which is acceptable.

One reason why there exists a decline in the general attitude to mobile gambling is because the internet has been seen as the major contributor to this change. In particular, online gambling has turned into a significant force in the mobile gambling market. The popularity of mobile gaming platforms such as for example Google Play, which allows users to access an array of apps, has resulted in the rise of what’s referred to as “proximity gaming”. This could be in comparison to traditional sports betting where you might have to travel somewhere to be a part of the gambling. With online gambling, a person can play an iPhone app from all over the world.

However, one of the primary concerns for people who engage in mobile gambling may be the impact that this form of entertainment has on their real-world behaviour. This concern is not entirely new; several sociologists have noted a significant decline in offline, face-to-face, social behaviour. For instance, while we were younger, we enjoyed going to the cinema or walking around the shopping streets and consuming the sights. Over time, however, it has changed – we’ve lost the opportunity to engage with these experiences which has some implications for the social world.

Among the concerns here is whether this type of gambling has resulted in a reduction in real-world social interaction and this is particularly relevant for younger generation. It has been found that people engage in many behaviours that are different to those they would take part in should they were gambling in exactly the same space in the physical world. For instance, it is harder to generate friendships online which is harder to create long-term relationships whenever we are always logged on to the internet. The decline in face-to-face interaction and the associated decline in social interaction has resulted in what some experts label because the “age of isolation” which applies equally to the mobile world.

One way of looking at this problem is to consider the increasing trend of the so-called smartphone addiction. What has been noted is that with this increase in smartphone usage, there’s been a corresponding upsurge in internet and gambling behaviour aswell. The smartphone is really a convergence platform that allows people to access the web and gamble on the run. One way of considering this problem from the perspective of the researcher is to acknowledge the difficulties that folks are experiencing when they are always on the move, but ask: is this a really problem that will go away?

It is a difficult question to answer and one that points to a fascinating point about gambling as an organization activity. Many of the problems associated with gambling – such as stress, relationships problems and the like – arise from the truth that the person is using one hand as the other is out of reach. When this is the case, it becomes a lot more important to focus on the outcomes and not just to the outcomes of each individual hand. The mixed outcome (wins / loses) could mean that the gambler must make a real effort never to just win each game but to win the games that he wins and even more importantly, to win the games that he wins and then win more games – all the while being at the mercy of the vagaries of probability and chance.